The International Karate Rengo-Chidokai Karatedo International (IKR-CKI) was founded in 2010 to provide existing and aspiring Chidokan organizations worldwide with an independent international framework for mutual cooperation and affiliation with Japan Karatedo Chidokai (JKC). 

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Establishment and Objectives

(Excerpt from the IKR-CKI constitution)

1. Subject to the provisions of this Constitution, an international federation of Chidokan Karatedo organizations is hereby established under the name of International Karate Rengo-Chidokai Karatedo International, hereinafter referred to as IKR-CKI.
2. IKR-CKI shall be the global umbrella organization representing the Japan Karatedo Chidokai (JKC) internationally. In this capacity, IKR-CKI shall enjoy exclusive recognition and representation rights in regard to all matters pertaining to JKC’s relations with overseas Karatedo organizations and their members.
3. IKR-CKI’s primary function shall be to manage the said relations on JKC’s behalf, in fulfilment whereof its principal objectives shall be:
(i) to promote internationally the highest possible technical and ethical standards in the practice of Chidokai Karatedo, in keeping with the traditional spirit of Budo and the teaching of Kaicho Sasaki Sensei, the late founder of Chidokai;
(ii) to provide existing and aspiring Chidokan organizations worldwide with an opportunity for independent international affiliation;
(iii) to provide a formal channel for JKC accreditation through which existing and aspiring Chidokan organizations may apply for JKC grade certification and participation in JKC training sessions and seminars;
(iv) to issue international Dan-grade certification and diplomas in its own name, on application by its members, to standards consistent with the pursuit of the above objectives and as a prerequisite of qualification for the JKC Diploma;
(v) to promote and assist the establishment and affiliation of national Chidokan organizations under the leadership of authorized senior Dan-grade leaders;
(vi) to further the development of Chidokai Karatedo worldwide, in particular by promoting the exchange of training opportunities between affiliated organizations and by organizing international competitions for their members.

Organizational Structure and Operation

1. Each IKR-CKI member organization shall be represented by an authorized senior Dan-grade leader, expressly recognized as such by IKR-CKI at the time of the organization’s admission to membership or thereafter in the event of succession in leadership.
2. IKR-CKI shall be administered on behalf of JKC’s Standing Committee by:
  • the Coordinator, appointed for a renewable term of two years by the JKC Standing Committee from among its own members to serve as the said Committee’s plenipotentiary Executive Officer for Overseas Affairs, JKC representative and Senior Chidokai Instructor to IKR-CKI (currently Nakajima Sensei);
  • the Chair of the Advisory Board, appointed for a renewable term of two years by the JKC Standing Committee from among the members of the Advisory Board on recommandation by the Coordinator (currently Sims Sensei, New Zealand Chidokan);

  •  the Advisory Board, composed of the authorized senior Dan-grade leaders of IKR-CKI’s member organizations.

Grading Procedures and Requirements

1. IKR-CKI shall operate on the basis of a hierarchy of grading consisting of four levels of grading authority, namely:

(i) national-level grades awarded or confirmed by the senior Dan-grade leaders of its member organizations,

(ii) the IKR Certificate and IKR Diploma, awarded on application, in recognition of attainment of Dan grades outside the Chidokai tradition,

(iii) the IKR Chidokai Diploma,

(iv) the JKC Diploma.

International diplomas and certificates issued by other global karate federations shall normally be recognized only as confirmation of grades already certified at national level, typically in the consideration of applications for the IKR Certificate or Diploma.
2. The IKR Chidokai Diploma and the JKC Diploma shall be understood jointly to represent integral components of full Chidokai grade certification, with the latter being awarded in recognition of sustained dedication to upholding the standards certified by the former.
3. The IKR Certificate or Diploma, the IKR Chidokai Diploma and the JKC Diploma shall be available to qualified Dan-grade members of IKR-CKI affiliates, on application by the senior Dan-grade leaders of their respective organizations, … (further details and specific requirements will be communicated on request)