Chidokai is a Karatedo school in the tradition of Shoto Ryu, the Shotokan style established by Funakoshi Sensei on the basis of the teachings of Itosu Sensei and Azato Sensei. It was founded in Japan on 8 November 1954 by Takeshi Sasaki Sensei, who learned Karatedo from Funakoshi Sensei and Obata Sensei. Sasaki Sensei passed away in 1992, but his rich legacy lives on through the Japan Karatedo Chidokai (JKC).

In 2004, when JKC celebrated its 50th anniversary, the idea of setting up an international organization that would bring together all existing and aspiring Chidokan schools outside Japan was first discussed. In 2008, the JKC Standing Committee appointed Nakajima Sensei as the coordinator for this project; and IKR-CKI was eventually established in 2010.