Karatedo is more than just Karate. One of the features of the traditional teaching is the special relationship that builds up over the years between the student and his/her Sensei, which provides the link with the tradition. This can also help the student gain a deeper understanding of the ethical principles that lie at the heart of Karatedo, and why it is important to take them at least as seriously as the physical training.
In keeping with the ancient tradition of Bushido, the code of honour of the Samurai, the teaching of traditional Karatedo is intimately connected with some form of moral education. Absolute courage, honour, loyalty, sincerity, courtesy and self-control are all qualities upheld by those ancient warriors, whose life was devoted to a cause that they defended with complete selflessness.
Chidokai students are expected to abide scrupulously by those values during training and strive to uphold them in their day-to-day life. Accordingly, at the close of each training session, all participants are invited to express them by reciting a set of five pledges known as Dojo Khun.