Chidokai’s rigorously structured training curriculum is an integral part of our tradition. It is strictly observed at each and every training session, leaving no room (or need) for improvisation.

The strength and distinctiveness of Chidokai training lie in the progressive study of Kihons. Basic techniques become increasingly complex as the student graduates up the scale of successive Kyus. From white belt to black, the learning process is spread over 9 Kyu grades.

After learning basic etiquette, the beginner is first taught static punching and kicking exercises (e.g. Kara Tsuki, Sonoba Tsuki, Heisoku Mai-geri) followed by exercises that gradually introduce four-directional mobility and basic stances (e.g. Kihon Yon Dosa). Over the years, mobility and technique are steadily developed through regular practice of a dozen Uke-Kime exercises, the Tai-Sabaki series and combined techniques like Renzoku Dosa. Chidokai’s 15 precisely codified Kihon Katas make a particularly strong foundation for the study of the Heian and advanced Katas, while Kumite technique is refined and strengthened through practice of the series of 15 Renzoku Waza exercises. Overall, this systematically structured training programme makes Chidokai unique among Karatedo schools.